Beach Thailand

Thailand’s long coasts on the Andaman Sea in the west and Gulf of Thailand in the east provide plenty of beach options. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Thailand’s beaches offer a mix of natural beauty, friendly locals and modern amenities.

    • Pros: Wide variety of beachfronts, affordability, and easy to get around


    • Cons: Touristy and overcrowded during the high season (November-January)


Island Thailand

Thailand’s islands are just as stunning. Phuket is the most popular island in the country, but there are lots more to explore. From relaxing beaches to remote jungles and hidden bays, you’ll find beauty everywhere.

    • Pros: Nature, vibrant culture and outdoor activities


    • Cons: Overdevelopment and overcrowding during peak time


No matter which you choose, Japan, Thailand’s beaches, or the islands of Thailand, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable vacation.